There are several frequently asked questions:

Q- How long does it takes from Hanoi to Halong bay ?

A- It takes 3 hours to get Halong city from Hanoi , one stopover.

Q- Does the boat rock or shake during the night?

A- No. 1600 islands provide natural shelter in Halong bay, so ita��s quite calm.

Q- Does the tour go to Cat Ba Island?

A- During the 2 days tour youa��ll cruise along part of Cat Ba Island, but there is not stop. The only stop to Cat Ba Island is for trekking in the National Park on the 3 days tour. Price tour can be arranged as your request.

Q- Where do I sleep on the boat?

A- All the junks we provide has equipped cabins with en-suite bathroom and Fan or air-condition .

Q- Where does the tour depart from and return to?

A- All of our tours depart from our office at 69 Ly Nam De Str or pick up from your hotels/ fixed place in Old Quarter as your request.

Q- Can I sleep on the deck? Are there mosquito nets on the deck?

A- Yes, you can sleep on the upper deck if you wish, there are comfortable lounge chairs there. There are no mosquito nets available on the deck.

Q- Are there life jackets on board? Will they fit children?

A- The Junk is fully equipped with all the latest safety gear and each cabin has life jackets. There are also life buoys suitable for children.

Q- Will you take us to places that other dona��t go to?

A- The a�?Amazing Cavea�? is a very touristy place. The rest of the trip we try to avoid other boats but at night we have to sleep in the same vicinity as a few other boats due to security regulations in the bay.

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